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Jon Briddell - Screen Actor's Guild / AFTRA
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Actor Jon Briddell
As P.I. Ash Miller in the Noir film "No Angels", 2003

Actor Jon Briddell
As Ray in the action film "Skeedaddle", 1999

Actor Jon Briddell
As Detective Michael Webb in the thriller, "Foehn: Killer Winds", 2000

Jon Briddell has been a professional actor in Los Angeles for over 8 years.  He has multiple television credits as well as feature film, commercial, and professional speaking credits.  He can be reached at The Hervey /Grimes Talent Agency in L.A (310) 475-2010.

What's New?
If you missed his multiple episodes of James Brolin's "Pensacola, Wings of Gold", and multiple appearances on "The Power Rangers", You can catch him as a lead role in the upcoming feature films, "The Socratic Method" (With Richard Reihle), "Season's of Life", "Clipping Adam" (With Andrew McCarthy), "No Angels", and "The Married Men's Club".
Presently, Jon Is shooting a Vietnam War film titled, "1 of 180", where he plays Seargent Fowler, the tough platoon leader. On March 19, Jon will begin shooting "Hatchetman", a movie for HBO.  He plays the lead character of Detective Sonny Banner...


Actor Jon Briddell
As Paul in the award winning film, "Falling Rue", 2001

Actor Jon Briddell
As Simon in, "The Married Men's Club", 2003

Actor Jon Briddell
From "Trailer, The Movie", 2002


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